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To breed Goldfinches mayor and to cultivate roses make part of one chosen of life functional to own character, the encouraging disposal time that is on hand and to the tenacity that must employ in order to obtain positive and encouraging results.

The breeding of the goldfinches mayor represents for many breeders that point of departure and for some of arrival of a dream had from much time. In the collective image breedind goldfinches mayor represents a famous one of merit and ability and because not also of consideration. To see friends that come to visit the breeding and to judge your action and the own ones turns out is always one what that gratifies.Above all when the breeding is only made for the pleasure to obtain of the bonds turns out to you. My objective is that one to obtain an optimal resistant and stockable to raise from if Not the quantity , but the quality of the subjects does interest me. I am much careful one to the feeding, the cleaning and the familiarity that is succeeded to establish with the own subjects. Breeding in the first place means to understand the requirements of the subjects and to favour them in their expressions. If the subjects are well, they have a best feeding (I mostly use canary grass and oats for a good period of the year), if they are in atmospheres very illuminated, aerated, and in aviary or wide aviary (I use little aviary by 120 cm in which I put a single pair) the results will not lack . This site has the function to introduce and to carry the own experiences to the capacity of all. The tight secrets do not belong to my vision of life. I will place to yours attentions the ways, the times and the experiences that are made by me in these years.